Saturday, June 14, 2014


                My family and I have compiled some of my late husband’s best known songs and with the help of a friend, Caleb Lambert, we are making them available on iTunes as a Fathers’ Day Tribute to him. For those of you who did not know Rick, he was an extremely gifted singer and composer who earned at least two dozen Emmy Award nominations and who won five of them.
                To learn more about Rick, I suggest you look in this past November’s blog archive for an article I posted about him.
                Rick composed a wealth of music, songs and instrumentals, over the span of a lifetime. All of the songs chosen for this album are unique and have Rick's "sound". (Let's Be Lovers Again, which I wrote with Rick, was nominated for an Emmy Award in the nineties and Michael Feinstein opened his 2004 European Tour with They Don't Write 'Em Like That, a song about the "tin pan alley" days.)
                We are hoping to get the word out through social media: Facebook, Twitter, and blogs such as this. A percentage of any monies that might be accrued from the sale of this album/tracks will be donated to the Tug McGraw Foundation, the focus of which is "to provide support and resources for people affected by brain tumors and brain related trauma."
                We're appealing to everyone who knew Rick personally and to those who only knew him through his music to spread the word -- post it, share it, tweet it -- so that our goal of making it go viral can be realized. Rick would have loved this! If it does well, we would love to add some of his more obscure singles, some of his earlier work, and some of the music he composed for The Kingsmen Shakespeare Company.
                Thank you all in advance for helping spread the word and supporting our efforts!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Date and Time my Lifetime Movie will be airing.

I am trying to get the word out in all forms of social media that the movie I wrote for Lifetime Television will be debuting shortly. For those of you who have not already heard, it is set to air on June 21, 2014. I believe it will be on a few times subsequently over the following day or two. Though the station is available to most people, if you don't get Lifetime, you might be able to access the movie online.

My original title, Empty Cradle was apparently too similar to a title used before so the network re-titled it. It is now called, Stolen From the Womb.

As you might recall from a previous blog I posted, my daughter and I flew to Vancouver to watch the movie being shot. It was a wonderful experience and we actually had small cameos in the film (look for us in the la- maze scene:)

For more information and a sneak preview go to: 

So set your DVRs and hope that we get good ratings!

Thank you,