Friday, December 23, 2011


            Today will not be a usual blog post for me. I wanted to talk, instead, about the blog itself.  When my daughter first suggested, months ago that I begin a blog I had my doubts. For one thing, I’m not all that tech savvy and for another, I had heard of people blogging their daily routines and sharing all aspects of their personal lives with the world. This didn’t have much appeal for me.
            However, when she pointed out that it would be a good way of getting back to my writing and making people familiar with it prior to re-releasing my first novel, GROOMED FOR MURDER (I’ll be discussing that in a future blog), I reconsidered. As those of you know who follow my blog, the essays I write, though written from my perspective, are not about me. If they have a common thread, it has usually been one of nostalgia and pop culture.
            The response has been incredible. What amazes me the most is that in addition to the following I have in the U.S., I have a strong following in distant countries as well. Countries such as: India, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Germany, Venezuela, France, Italy, S. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Canada, Malaysia, Belgium and a few others I might have missed.
            I would like so much to hear from readers outside the U.S.   
            Please email me at: and let me know a little about you, how you found my blog, and what interests you about American culture that I might write about in the future.
            For now I’d like to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Chanukah, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

And of course, thanks for following RHODES LESS TRAVELED. 


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