Friday, March 23, 2012


     I found myself pressed for time to write this week's blog.  For a variety of reasons, these past few weeks have been hectic for me, to say the least. I've been seeking ways to relax. Relaxation, however, varies for different people.
     With all the gadgets of today's society, relaxation is not easy to come by. For some, it's as simple as zoning out by playing a video or computer game.  For others it's taking a long walk.
     My favorite form of relaxation is a hot bath, a glass of wine, or cooking on a Sunday afternoon.
     How do you relax?  I mean really relax,  (Stressing out about an upcoming vacation and trying to pack everything into a moment to moment itinerary can be anything but relaxing).
     Do you relax by:

     .Practicing yoga?
     .Painting with watercolors?
     .Going for a run?
     .Composing music?
     .Reading a work of fiction? (Try downloading GROOMED FOR MURDER  this weekend:)
     .Escaping to a movie?
     .Getting a massage?
     .Playing with a pet?
     .Making love?
     .Zoning out in front of a mindless TV show?

Whatever it is you do, I hope you have a relaxing weekend.  Thanks for joining me on this week's journey along, RHODES LESS TRAVELED.


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