Friday, May 4, 2012


Today, while pumping my own gas and checking myself out of the supermarket, I thought about how many jobs are either obsolete or heading in that direction.
With almost every new innovation, invention, and technological improvement comes the loss of a job.  In the name of progress, men and women have had either had to re-adjust, re-invent, or perish.
            In years to come we might very well see the ultimate demise of the gasoline attendant (still required in New Jersey) and the supermarket checker. Newspapers and book publishers may, too, become obsolete one day due to the internet and devices such as Kindle and Nook.
On the upside, new jobs are constantly created to fill the void. (Who could have dreamed of S.W.A.T. team mediators in the early 1900's?)
I tried to think of jobs that no longer exist or will probably be obsolete in a few short years:

Typewriter repairmen
            TV repairmen (cheaper to buy a new set)
Elevator operators (I can recall the ones at Saks in NYC)
            Bowling pin setters
            Ice men
            Milkmen (I still have my mom’s old milk box)
            Switchboard operators (I worked one of these intimidating monsters at a Beverly Hills law office years ago and spoke with Yul Brynner, whom I believe I may have inadvertently disconnected)
            Telegraph operators

I'm sure you can think of more. Hoping yours won't become obsolete any time soon:).

Have a great weekend and thanks for joining me along RHODES LESS TRAVELED,


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