Monday, June 19, 2017


It’s been quite a while since I last blogged, primarily because I’ve been focused on writing and editing other material.  To that end, I’m pleased to announce that my psychological thriller, If You Should Read This, Mother (Black Opal Books), has just been released.
                I’m often asked how I come up with the stories that drive what I write.  I guess the best answer is to say that it varies.  For example, my first novel, Groomed for Murder, was about the murder of a  Beverly Hills hairdresser.  I came up with the idea for GFM after having had an argument with my Beverly Hills hairdresser.  He was extremely good-looking and very much taken with himself, and in fact, was very likely one of the prototypes upon which Warren Beatty’s character in Shampoo was based.  He was also a player, and I suspect he had rubbed more than one person the wrong way.  I’m not sure that I won the argument that day, but I did find a way to get back at him.  I had him murdered (on paper of course).
                Groomed for Murder was a mystery with comedic overtones, unlike If You Should Read This, Mother, which is a straightforward mystery.  I came up with the idea for IYSRTM one November day when I realized that the number of people who could actually recall where they were when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated was diminishing.  Today, it is safe to say, that only a small demographic, those in their sixties and older, can vividly remember what they were doing when they heard the astounding news. 
What about those people who were alive at the time, but who were very, very young?  Surely they could feel that something was different about that day, even if they didn’t know why.  Few cartoons on television over the weekend, if at all.  Adults, both men and women, sobbing audibly.  The look of disbelief in their parents’ eyes.
The protagonist of my story, Megan Daniels, was only three years old the day John Kennedy was assassinated, but flashes of that day begin to trigger other disturbing memories that have lain dormant within her.  At first they are merely snippets, but as they begin to appear more frequently Megan has difficulty separating what is real from what is imagined.  When she sets out to find her biological mother, she keeps hitting brick walls. No adoption papers exist, and all she has to go on is her possible birthday: November 22. In the small town of Meredith, Megan’s search takes on a dire, domino effect—one woman has already been murdered as a result of her inquiries. As she digs for the truth, Megan eventually unravels a sinister plot that began decades earlier, but in doing so she places her own life in jeopardy.
I have begun working on edits for my next book, Girl Obsessed, but hope you will take the time to read If You Should Read This, Mother and spread the word, particularly on social media. The book will be available in book stores and can be purchased as an e-book or in paper back on Amazon at:
Purchases can also be made directly at the publisher’s website:
Groomed for Murder is available as an e-book only on Amazon at:
Thank you all for your support.  Hoping you’ll give me a positive review on Amazon.
Happy reading, Vivian

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