Sunday, June 10, 2012


I didn’t forget to post this blog on Friday as I usually do. I chose to post it today instead because today is exactly a year that I posted my first blog. Can’t believe a whole year has passed, but there it is. In one year my blog’s had almost 6000 hits.
            It was my daughter, Allie, who first suggested that I write a blog. I was resistant since I myself wasn’t a fan of blogs that read as personal journals (ie. today I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich).
            Still, it was a way of returning to my writing as was working on revising my first mystery, GROOMED FOR MURDER, and making it available as an ebook.
            I wasn’t sure if I had any sort of a ‘theme’ going. I love to cook, but mine wouldn’t be a recipe blog. Nor would it be a travel blog or a ‘mommy blog’. Eventually, it evolved and when I looked for a common thread I realized that for the most part my blogs were historical or nostalgic in content.
            I’ve written about subjects as diverse as film noir, Harry Houdini, old time baseball, and famous mistresses through the years. The article that was read the most was the one on “what not to say to someone in mourning”. I’m glad that anyone can read articles missed by checking out the archives.  A few months ago I began daily postings of ‘this day in history’. Depending how popular this is I may or may not continue these in the future.
            One of the things that excited me most was when I first looked at the stats and discovered that my articles were being read by people in a variety of countries such as: Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, to name a few. My biggest ‘fans’ outside of the U.S. are from Russia.
            (I would love to get feedback from people reading this outside the U.S. so if anybody is reading this from lands far away, my email address is
            The best thing about the blog has been the discipline I’ve returned to in my writing. I research the articles I write and learn a lot while doing so.
            I hope you’ll all continue reading as I enter my second year of blogging.

Have a nice weekend and thanks for joining me along RHODES LESS TRAVELED,


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